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Barraminnup Designs

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Heather Higham

My name is Heather Higham and along with my husband John and two teenage children Sam and Kaitlyn, are farmers from a small farming community called Williams which is located 160 kms south of Perth.

I have been studying art and design on and off since early 1992 dabbling in various mediums but not really inspired until completing a Visual Literacyunit.  I was given a challenge to create a sculpture using 'found' objects that must be usable.  I created a bird bath from old bits and pieces from our old machinery dump.  I
really enjoyed this challenge and then, included in one of the 2D studies units I completed in 2000, was a section on mosaics. Combining the two mediums was the start of a new and rewarding

I am well known in the district now for my foraging excursions that include metal dumps on neighbouring farms.  I can often be found with my legs protruding from the tops of 44 gallon drums that the local mechanics throw all the old parts into, (the good bits are always at the bottom).  My favourite are 'Clearing Sales'. After a good day foraging, it's always amusing to see John's face as I slowly sneak past the workshop with my latest load of treasure - the slow headshake says it all.

My Dad and John used to do all the welding for me but eventually I started to do some myself and now do my own welding, although Dad and John still help now and then.

My business name came from using the names of our two familyproperties, Barraminning and Boorianup hence; 'Barraminnup Designs'.